When it comes to product sales our focus is on NV, Thermal, and the primary accessories associated within its various applications.

We just don’t sell products we provide an experience and a knowledgeable team.

To better serve you and open up our market outreach we have cultivated a number of direct relationships that allow us to be at the forefront of new and proven product offerings while pricing them competitively with prompt delivery. You can expect honest recommendations and answers from us when it comes to what works best for your needs and budget. We know there are a lot of opinions out there and its hard to make decisions in the midst of all that noise and we want to be there to help. We invite you to visit our shop site or contact us for more information on something you may be looking to quote and it’s availability.

Purpose Built

When it comes to our approach on Night Vision equipment we believe every client deserves the opportunity to highlight their requirements, budget, and expectations. Whether those factors always align is not guaranteed but what is guaranteed is our commitment to excellence on your behalf.  Sure we can offer turnkey ready made solutions with Min/Max spec ranges but so much more can be accomplished with a little attention to detail. In a growing and competitive market we can’t afford to disappoint in any way. For this reason we invest heavily into quality tooling to test, calibrate, complete, and confidently stand by each unit with our good name and warranty. Our in-house or contracted technicians are held to the highest standards on each build.  We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations sustainably. Please visit our contact page to discuss with one of our team current options available or begin to develop spec for forecasted requirements.