Our sole focus is to provide our clients a personable experience with no compromise to excellence or integrity while maintaining a budget considerate mentality.

We believe that although the technology associated with our industry is costly, with the right partnerships and a team committed to the client’s best interests. We can help you make an educated decision that will turn over great results and sustainable referral business.

We’re here to partner with you regardless if your needs are professional or recreational and look forward to hearing from you.


Our background comes from markets involving precision optics, advanced electronics, and ruggedized systems for field use. We want to thoroughly understand your requirements and be given the opportunity to push the envelope on what is said to be possible. Thinking outside the box and bringing outside influence to this market is at the core of our ethos. Based in Industrial Miami, Florida where the sun shines bright and the night’s are hot and humid. There is a wide range of night opportunities here to enjoy. Whether it be professional or recreational NV training, exploring the outdoors, or simply hanging out in the yard with some friends enjoying the fresh air. We want to connect with you and become your preferred provider for not just all things night vision but also many of the peripherals accessories surrounding our various communities.


Let’s face it, this is America, our freedoms are a beautiful thing. In the US provided we are able to own some of the highest quality night vision available globally. It’s about as close as civilians can get to having supernatural powers. It’s flat out cool and offers a great opportunity to experience your own surroundings in ways you’ve never seen before while offering real world advantages that are useful in many scenarios.